House Rules

 At a typical WNC Repair Cafe event it's not uncommon to have three or more generations in the same room, all sharing the same common goal of building a more resilient and sustainable community; They are innately polite affairs. Still, opportunities for conflict do arise and it's best to have clear guidelines in place so volunteers and guests know what to expect.

Here is the list of our current House Rules:

  • Volunteers and Participants are required to sign in upon arrival, including signing a release of liability waiver prior to participation in a WNC Repair Cafe Events.
  • Volunteers perform work free of charge. 
  • Participants offering items for repair do so at their own risk. Understand that it’s possible your item may not be repairable by our volunteers, and/or may be damaged in the process of attempting repair.
  • Volunteers reserve the right to refuse items for repair. Some items are inherently dangerous and will not be considered for repair during WNC Repair Cafe events. WNC Repair Cafe will not repair the following: CRT televisions, firearms, explosives and other weapons, items with compressed gas, medical devices and personal hygiene devices.
  • Participants should offer a maximum of one item for repair at a time. This helps make sure that during busy events, everyone gets a chance to participate. Participants are invited to join the back of the queue if there is a second item for repair. 
  • Procuring special order parts is not the responsibility of WNC Repair Cafe or its volunteers. WNC Repair Cafe will aim to keep regular supplies on hand. We reserve the right to ask for fair compensation for supplies required. 
  • Volunteers should prioritize safety and use every caution prevent the creation of dangerous conditions, including but not limited to excess fumes, dust, noise. Safety of our volunteers and guests is a top concern. Safety glasses, dust masks and nitrile gloves are provided at no cost and are required when applicable. 
  • It is not the responsibility of WNC Repair Cafe or its volunteers to re-assemble or dispose of any unsuccessfully repaired items.
  • Parents are responsible for the supervision, behavior and safety of their children during WNC Repair Cafe events. Children may not be left unattended.
  • Participants are encouraged to check in with the lead organizer before leaving, this helps us track our successful repair rate and improve upon future repair events. 
  • Donations in excess of the cost of supplies are greatly appreciated and will help grow our inventory of readily available supplies.